Raymundo is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, who’s making his own way in the Latin music industry. I’ve been following this artist for several years and he keeps inpiring me through his music, his message and his dreams, by singing from the heart and by bringing people/dreamers together.

And I believe that if you make music with your heart and touch people’s lives, you will make a difference in this industry. In the end, music is all about Music, and music is all about passion. 

Raymundo is that type of artist who doesn’t lie with this art and who can have an impact in our lives. 

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 How and when did you start making music?

I wrote my first song when I was 10.. I grabbed a recorder I would use to record my vocal lessons and wrote a song that was about being a slave for love.. lol My mom and sister got home and heard my recording and were so weirded out that I was writing such a mature song and that I was able to come up with a melody on my own.  I’ve always been weird, but I think the fact that today I accept it and own it helps me make the most of life… because at the age of 10 I knew I was different and had these magic powers (aka talents), but unfortunately I was bullied and let all the kids that didn’t get me bring me down.

What music inspires you today?

Singer songwriters have always inspired me.  I still get inspired by my mariachi influences.  Mariachi music is a mexican’s version of Country and Soul music..  When we hear the songs from a legendary artist like Juan Gabriel, we FEEL every lyric, we’ve been in the situations he paints in his songs.. any music that can do that lyrically and melodically inspires me.


Watch Raymundo’s official video ‘Noche Especial’ here.

What is your favorite song you wrote so far and why?

I have several favorite songs for different reasons… I think my whole last album “Soñar. Creer. Realizar.” was the most honest I’ve ever been in my life and the fact that any song on that record can be heard by a complete stranger that will GET every lyric as if the song was written for them… That’s magic right there baby! haha and I live for that magic.

What vision do you have of today’s music? If you could have the opportunity to change something in the music industry, what would it be?

I am fighting and working my ass off to have a voice in the Latin Music Industry because I feel there is this HUGE void for a male artist that has something to say besides “I love you” and “You hurt me”… I want to inspire my community to hang on to their dreams, to fight the demons in their heads, to push forward and never give up, to be part of the solution.. I know for a fact I’m here on this earth to live this dream through because it has almost nothing to do with me.

What is the biggest struggle you lived throughout your career so far?

Image & funding projects. I’ve already been told I’m too fat and ugly to sing the genre of music I make… I didn’t let it stop me, but it did get to me and it’s a daily struggle that I thankfully have a lot of support to get me through.  As far as funding I am still an unsigned artist and I fund all my projects myself and with my very supportive family.  I refuse to asks fans to fund a project because I believe their support by buying the records alone is more than enough.  Maybe in the future my mind will change, but at the moment I do not feel comfortable doing that.  I believe every project I invest in financially and emotionally as an artist will come to life if it is meant to be.  I also have an incredible team of talented people that believe in me and have given me their time and talents to make a lot of these projects come to life.

Watch Raymundo’s official video ‘Sonar. Creer. Realizar’ here.

What is your dream?

I have several… my continuous mission is always to INSPIRE.  If I could leave anyone with a little motivation to pursue their own dreams, which in some cases might even save a life.. then that is an awesome cycle to be a part of.

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