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Curtis Richa (born Curtis Richardson is an American songwriter, producer and A&R. Who is signed to Metronumm Musikk Publishing. He is one of the founding members of the production team The Conglomerate (aka The Conglomm).You may have heard some of his songs already. He has worked with numerous artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Joss Stone, LL Cool J, Deborah Cox, Craig David, Jo Dee Messina, Andreas Moe, Kumi Koda, Tohoshinki, Agnes Carlsson, Naime Amuro, Christopher, Rainie Yang, Fady Malouf, Darin, and the list goes on. 

Since he has been in the industry for a while now, I felt like it was good to have someone like him to tell us about his experiences and his knowledge. He is not also a solid artist, but he is also a humble person, which is something you need in this industry.  I have mad respect for him and his work. I can definitely say I am a fan.

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Tell us about you. How did you start in the music industry?

My Start In The Music Industry Was Somewhat Vicarious….Lol…I Met A Producer Friend Name Kwame Viapree In College (Rutgers University) and we connected musically….So He invented to a professional recording studio about 20 years ago and I recorded my first demo….After that I was Hooked….Then I met a Multi-Platinum Producer named D-Moet with whom I worked closely with for a few years to hone my writing and production skills….This happened all before I got my first placement in 2000.

Could you tell us a story behind one of your favorite song you have written?

Ummmmm…..This is an interesting question…..I would have to say I have two favorite records ( as it always changes) at the moment….both with Andreas Moe…..The First Record Is Called “Ocean” by Andreas Moe….The song was conceived at Phrased Differently by Andreas, Hiten Bharadia and Myself. What I Love The Most About This Song Is We Created  Effortlessly To Guitar….Love Writing Songs From Scratch….It’s A Clever Lyric and Catchy Melody…“Ocean” is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and Dive Into Love. Most People Don’t Know That Andreas Produced The Record As Well….He Is Multi-Talented. The Second Song is a record that will be released later this month called "Colors" by Hardwell and Tiesto feat Andreas Moe. Me and Andreas wrote the song a couple years ago and after multiple production changes it is finally coming out….The song is truly about embracing the skin you are in and celebrating your uniqueness….There is a Powerful Message That Comes Through in That Song. 

Andreas Moe - Ocean

Written by Andreas Moe, Curtis Richardson, Hiten Bharadia. Produced by Andreas Moe. 

What is the best thing about creating music? In which atmosphere do you create the best?

The Best Thing About Creating Music Is You Can Do It Anywhere….I Have Traveled The Globe and Worked Some Of The Finest Producers and Songwriters The World Has To Offer. I Love Creating In London, Hong Kong and Sweden The Most…..I Have Had Such Great Inspiration In Those Countries.

In you opinion, what makes a good song?

A good song is one that connects to your soul and impresses upon your heart and mind. It alters the way you feel about your life and inspires you. That’s a great song to me.

Joss Stone - Don’t Know How

Written by Danny Pierre, Curtis Richardson, Jeremy Ruzumna, Justin Gray. Produced by Mike Mangini, Steve Greenberg, Wright, Danny P.

How does music have an impact in your life?

Music is like breathing to me…Its my greatest form of expression, my communication is incredibly enhanced by the gift that the divine has given me….I Dream Melodies and Lyrics….I Feel IWas Born To Express Myself Through The Art Form We Call “Music”.

What do you want to make people feel through your music?

I want people to be inspired by my music….To naturally connect with it and identify the lyric. I Strive To Enhance Communication Through My Songs.

Craig David - Officially Yours

Written by Curtis Richardson, Paulo Mendonca, Hiten Bharadia, Iain James, Craig David. 

You’ve been in the industry for a while now. What is your best memory so far?

Besides Getting A #1 Billboard Hot 100 with “All I Have” (Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J) with Makeba Woods…I would have to say Producing With Charlie Vox ( Via The Conglomerate) on “Final Goodbye” for The Supertalented Rihanna on her album “A Girl Like Me”. Although that was a album cut…It was our first breakthrough as producers and I was extremely proud of that milestone.

Tell us about your upcoming single. ‘Back To Love’. How was it to collaborate with Sidelmann?

Wow!!!! I am so excited about this release….Sidelmann is more than a DJ he is a tremendous Producer….I co-wrote the song with my very talented songwriter/producer friend Kelvin Avon in Hong Kong….Its my first official release as a feature vocalist and I am very proud of the result….Comes out first in Scandinavia late January on Lifted House/Discowaxx/Sony Music…..There will be more features released throughout 2015….So Stayed!!!

What advices would you give to young songwriters and to just young people who want to put their foot in the industry?

My Advice Would Be To Persist In Developing Your Craft……Never Give Up!!! Also, Get Out There and Network To Find Relationships That Will Help You To Grow….Find Someone Who Show You The Ropes and Teach You The Business…Could Be A Mentor or Manager…..Knowledge Is Key In Learning How To Navigate Through This Industry.

Jennifer Lopez feat. LL Cool J - All I Have

Written by Jennifer Lopez, James Todd Smith, Makeba Riddick, Curtis Richardson, Ron G, Dave McPherson, Lisa Peters, William Jeffrey. Produced by Cory Rooney, Ron G, Dave McPherson.

What do you want to accomplish in the music industry?

I Have Accomplished A Lot Already Thus I Am Grateful….I Believe That I Will Always Strive To Release Better Material Through My Career. I Also Believe My Best Records Have Not Been Heard By The Masses Yet So I Will Work To Get Those Compositions Heard Through New and Exciting Projects….I Ultimately Want To Be An A&R Executive And Develop New Talents….I Have Done This Unofficially But This Year It Will Be More Of An Official Role….The Future Is The Next Generation.

What is the key to success?

The key to success as a songwriter is collaboration. I love the art of collaboration because it helps to expand your mind and creativity. Some of my favorite songs are ones written with my talented friends….I like writing alone from time to time but that excitement you get from collaborating is unmatched…. To have created with Gifted Writers and Producers Over The Years Has Helped Me To Expand My Territory and Grow…..Success comes by moving out of your comfort zone to be your very best….This is the best way!!

Hardwell & Tiesto feat Andreas Moe - ‘Colors’ (Co written by Curtis Richardson)

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