I didn’t know much about the DJ world, but getting to interview alexNOIZE made me discover something new. First and foremost, alexNOIZE is a music enthusiast. Originally from the UK, the English DJ got into music since a very young age. Influenced by the music from the 90s/2000s, he is crafting his skills through amazing live sets. Now living in Washington, DC, alexNOIZE is entertaining the crowd with his great mixes and his favorite music. 

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Introduce yourself.

My name’s alexNOIZE, I now reside in Washington DC, but originally was born and lived the majority of my life in the UK.

When did you start DJing? What got you into it?

I started DJing when I was 15 years old. I had always kept a large collection of music as a hobby which is why I call myself a music enthusiast first and foremost. I loved music, and DJing became my way of expressing that in an art form.

What music did you grow up listening to?

Mainly 90s/00s Hip Hop and RnB, UK Garage, Grime. But also Disco, Jazz and HipLife (shout out to my Dad). 

How would you describe your style as a DJ?

My style is simply creating good energy and positive vibes with the music I choose. 

Who do you look up to? 

My parents. Biggie. Jay Z (during the RocaFella period). Quincy Jones. Dr Dre, Pharrell. Timbaland. DJ Premier. Easy Mo Bee. DJ Clark Kent.

Who’s your biggest influence? 

My Dad. His love for music is definitely something that rubbed off on me. To this day I still haven’t seen him play a song that didn’t go down well at a party (haha). Recently labels such as Soulection, Fete and HWandW- they incorporate the kind of music I enjoy listening to: samples of ‘Old School’ stuff I grew up with, mixed with a new school vibe.

Tell us about your live sets. Do you use any particular technique and effect during your live sets? What’s the perfect Noize live set? What can we expect? What do you like the most about it?

I have a pretty eclectic unique taste in music, so no set is particularly the same. Biggest technique I use is reading the room and the crowd, that dictates where I plan to go with my set that night. HonestIy the perfect alexNOIZE live set is always the crowd going wild to every song I play- best feeling in the world. I do love a remix with a well used sample- that’s something you’re bound to hear at some point in every mix/set I do.

Do you remember you first live set? How was it? What did you learn from it?

Oh god yes- I spent the whole night the night before burning every single song from my iTunes library onto CDs (I had a lot of songs in my library, and each CD carried 20 songs- imagine haha). I finally got to the gig and 2 out of my 100+ labeled CDs worked (Hip Hop #34 and 57). I thought it could’ve gone better, my friends said I sounded good. 

Lesson to learn: stay organised and be adaptable to any situation!

What makes a good DJ? What skills do we need to be a DJ? 

Of course you have your basic skills such as beat-matching, scratching and mixing in key; but I would say the two most important in my opinion are choosing the right song at the right time, and being able to read a room. 

You could literally know all the best tricks, scratch techniques, mixer effects, but if you don’t connect with room/crowd you’re playing for; that’s the difference between a DJ and a good/great DJ. That’s why I appreciate the opening sets on any night I go out to listen to a particular DJ, because it takes a lot of skill to create the energy and set up the crowd the correct way for the headliner.

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You are part of the 'Live Before You Die’ team. Could you tell us more about it?

“Live Before You Die” is a brand originally started by Eff Raps. which focuses literally on making the most out of the time we have. We grew that brand into a collective and the common trait within all of the members is the fact we all naturally have this same mindset- and that results in there being no limit to our creativity and always turning our “No"s into "Why Not?"s.

In your opinion, what makes a good creative team?

A good creative team is made up of multi-talented members, who never stop short of creating engaging content and find it easy to turn their ideas into reality. They always have to be ready to push boundaries and be unique.

What’s your ultimate goal?

To travel the world- pushing the brand, influencing culture, playing my favourite music and helping to make my favourite music for others.

Any upcoming projects?

You can hear my latest picks on my radio show "Too Much NOIZE” -airs every Friday on Wizard Radio ( I also am hoping to come out with my debut EP “alexNOIZE and Friends” towards the end of the year- featuring up and coming artists I’ve been working with and am a fan of.

Keep your eyes peeled on the website for my up coming show dates (

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