Devin Kennedy

Devin Kennedy

I got introduced to Devin Kennedy in 2018 with the single "Bad Habit" (much love to Sera Roadnight). I instantly loved his music and his vocals but what really caught my attention was the production. After studying him a bit more and after interviewing him, I knew this guy was something special. I saw him perform for the first time at the Hi Hat in LA and then I thought 'man this guy is gonna be huge'. 

I truly believe in him and that is why he had to be the first artist to be part of this documentary series. Working with him on this project has been a dream. He's a hard worker with an insane work ethic (you don't see that really often). 


Devin, thank you for your trust, for spending 239029302 hours working on this project with us and thank you for making it so easy. I know you have a bright future ahead and I can't wait to see what's next for you. You are surely talented but your drive and work ethic will take you very far :)

For this first documentary, we’ve decided to include a live acoustic performance of Kennedy’s new single “No Worries”, out now on major streaming platforms.

We hope you like it :)